Friday, May 16, 2008

Handsome Husband

I posted these pictures reverse order of what I intended. These first few are of a hike on the monument. We just love it up there. The boys found a rock that rocked :) and they had a blast rocking on it. I didn't get any pictures of Thomas on it...I'll have to do that next time.

Jackson just left yesterday to attend a work conference. He needed a photo to go on a name badge, so we did this one in the garage for him a few days ago. He will be gone for a full week, so wish me luck with three kiddos by myself for that long! It has actually been very pleasant and fun so far. I was REALLY worried because last week and the beginning of this week were HORRIBLE! Estella had a cold, got shots, and cut two teeth all in the same week. Also, we were having major tantrums from everyone...especially Thomas. One day Thomas had 5 MAJOR, full blown tantrums. It was bad. I had an enlightening moment (guidance by the spirit) as to what he needed a few days ago and things have gone MUCH smoother since then. I can't wait to have my handsome husband back home with us!


Karin said...

Good luck as a single mom this week! You are so great, I'm sure it'll be fun for everyone!

Jamie said...

I love your new header way cute!!

April said...

Hi Jen! This is darling.