Thursday, March 12, 2009


It is spring break for the school kids this week. We don't have any kids in school, but we thought it was a good excuse to do something fun. We took off after Jackson finished work on Tuesday and drove to Monticello. We stayed there that night and then came back to Arches National Park Wednesday after lunch. That was my first time to Arches and I loved it. It was perfect weather, not too crowded, and the Arches were amazing! The hikes we went on were just right in length for the boys. It was great. I have lots of are just a few.

Because we left right as Jackson walked in the door from work, I packed Jackson's clothes for him (along with everone else's :) I remembered the essentials, but forgot extra shoes. So, Jackson was stuck hiking in his new dress shoes! Sorry!

You can get a feel for how big the arch is by looking at Thomas and Nicholas standing in the middle of it.

If anyone plans a trip to Arches, let us know...we'll meet you there!

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Kara and Cody Markham said...

oh Jen that looks like so much fun! Thats so funny jackson had to hike in his dress shoes, me and cody laughed over that:) Well i miss you so much, i cant wait to come to your house over easter, its going to be so nice to have everyone together!!!