Friday, March 06, 2009

I Give Up

I am having a hard time getting through all of the Chicago pictures! Because of that I am falling way behind on day to day blogging. I am going to give up on documenting Chicago for now and come back to it some other time.

Hurray for spring! We have had close to a week of beautiful weather. It is so fun for the kids and I to be able to be outside more. Thomas has rediscovered his favorite climing tree in our yard and has found that he can now climb higher than ever. (I am glad that we don't have very tall trees in our yard.)

Estella loves being pushed around on the trikes. Our trikes have these little plastic pieces on the ends of the handlebars where you can attach ribbons. Last year Nicholas was endlessly "tweedling" them to give himself more power. Estella just discovered them and is just as fond of tweedling as Nicholas was.

Nicholas graduated to a "big boy bike" with training wheels. He loves it. I'm not so sure. He looks so grown up on that big bike. I want him to stay little longer.

The light was so beautiful and I wanted to practice capturing some sunflare. The only thing that would hold still long enough was the bike. Isn't it a good looking bike though?

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