Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Soccer Game

..for both Thomas and me. It was a blast! I will warn you right now...I took WAY too many pictures. It was fun. Thomas is still talking about how much fun the soccer game was and how he can't wait until the next one. For his age group, they play 3 on 3. That was perfect. They also don't have goalies...which made for an exciting, high scoring game.
Kick off! Thomas is on the right.
Thomas is fairly intense while he is playing. He never is always a sprint.

Corner kick. Where do yo kick it? That way.

Half time. Jackson is our team's referee.
Jackson explaining that they change goals after half time. That threw everyone off!

Do you think Jackson is having fun watching Thomas play? I think so!

Wipe out! Thomas is the one laying on his back.

Game's over. Good game handshakes all around.

End of game cheer.

Thomas's coach (his teammate's dad) has the perfect attitude and approach for these little guys. It is all about fun. I'm not even sure the boys knew who won. They were just out there having a blast learning what soccer is all about.

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mary said...

Oh gosh, I can't wait for this day! Your boys are so cute. (And of course, so is your girl.)