Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

My dad was holding the remote :)

My sweet mom prepared and brought an easter egg hunt for the kids. We did the hunt Saturday afternoon. She had different colored eggs for each child, and before the hunt began she tied ribbons on their wrists to remind them which color of egg they could pick up.

Estella was so funny carrying her little basket around. She loved picking up the eggs and putting them inside her basket.
She got a bit distracted by the swing set. She set her basket down ever so carefully.
And climbed up for a swing.

Grandpa helped get her focused again.

The boys were darting around so fast I could hardly get a picture of them. This egg slowed Nicholas down long enough for me to catch up.

Nicholas spots one! I think Grandma might have given him a hint...Daddy and Uncle Cody hid them pretty hard...we had to give out lots of hints.

"Mom...why are you asking me to stop and look at you?"
"Because I want to take a picture of all the Easter eggs you found."

Full baskets...happy kids!
Thanks, Mom, for the fun Easter egg hunt!


Monica Hudson said...

What a great post - loved the whole story! Looks like it was super fun...and you still had time to play piano for the choir?? How do you do it all, Jen? You really are amazing - it makes the rest of us want to be more like you!

bloodfamily said...

What a great idea with the color coded thing. I will have to remember that!

idahomayos said...

Fun times! I Love Easter. And to answer your question Jen...Yes I am very much overwhelmed! I feel I can't keep up with 4 kids...5 I'm not sure how I'll do. We are due Oct. 3. Thanks for your note!

Rachael said...

Great idea with the color ribbons! Looks like it was a lot of fun!