Thursday, April 30, 2009

Threadbare Surf Doggies

These are Surf Doggie socks.

They are Nicholas' favorite socks ever. His Grandma Chelle gave them to him on Easter 2008. They have been loved. They started today with this small hole you can see on his right foot, and a small hole on each toe.

After 30 minutes of jumping on the trampoline, this was the state of the beloved Surf Doggies. Nicholas, however, was completely oblivious to the fact that his toes had burst through the ends of his socks.

He wore them like this the rest of the day.
This will be the last day for Surf Doggie socks.

They were well loved.


CJ said...

Wow! Those are some well-loved socks! You are a great mom for letting him keep them so long. I probably would have tossed them with the first hole, so I think you deserve some props for seeing past the wear to how much he must love them.

On another subject, I just checked out your photography blog again. I had forgotten about it, so almost everything was new to me. I am really impressed with your talent and how much progress you seem to have made since your first photos that you posted last year! Everything you have looks really professional, I especially loved the baby and family shoots.

CJ said...

PS... Maybe I am crazy but I do not remember you having a brother when I visited your family for those 2 or 3 days back during freshman year. So I was surprised to see a brother in your family photos! I remember your sisters. Was he around then? The only thing I think of is that he was on a mission but that couldn't be if he is younger than you.

Monica Hudson said...

Dude - those rock!!! Great pics - you could do an entire photo book just on well-loved socks and their owners!