Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wrapped around her finger...and not

Thomas adores Estella. Nicholas is indifferent. I think it is their ages that makes the difference. Here are a few examples that prove my point...

Exhibit one:
Thomas shares sucker with Estella

Estella, knowing her sweet big brother has a soft spot for her leans in and turns on the sweet little sister antics....leaning close, giving a huge grin, saying "PEASE" (please) and "UM UM" (yum yum).
Sweet success!
"See Mom...He can't resist me."

Exhibit Two:
Nicholas taunts Estella with a piece of gum

Nicholas, quietly playing with an unopened stick of gum, is soon noticed by little sister Estella.
The gum promptly becomes an airplane that soars to heights beyond little sister's reach.
Uh oh...little sister has lost interest. Airplane descends enough to again entice the attentions of little sister.
"See little is still here. Do you see it? Do you want it?"
"Too bad...I am so much taller than you."
"Hooray. I have the power!"
I rest my case.
I am not trying to infer that Nicholas doesn't share as well as Thomas...he shares very well. It is just interesting to me the different ways they interact with each other at different ages.


Karin said...

LOVE this play-by-play!!! I agree, it is likely an age thing, but I think personality comes into play, too. The pictures you captured are priceless!

Monica Hudson said...

Ilove this post! very funny and very true! I think it's the spread between siblings. My oldest brother was like Thomas with me, but the one just above me was very much like Nicholas! I love th dynamic between kids - it's so interesting! Good to see you guys yesterday - happy planting!

Rachael said...

Its so sad! I was the youngest so I was taunted and picked on! It is a surprise we all survive childhood! Great pictures to tell a story!

lance said...

How cute. You always have such great pictures. I especially love the ones with Estella and the water bottle. I love watching little ones figure things out.

julie said...

that is too funny! great pictures too.

JaNae said...

What a fun depiction of their relationships! How cute. Great photography!
Also, Happy Birthday (give or take a day or two)! :) Hope you have a good one!