Friday, April 17, 2009


We roasted marshmallows and made smores while my family was here. I think I have mentioned this on here before, but Jackson's dad made this fire pit out of the drum from an old washing machine. It works great!

My sister Jamie and Estella.

Thomas digs in!

Estella somehow got ahold of the bag of marshmallow and didn't hesitate to start stuffing them in her mouth.

Nicholas has a fire lover's style to roasting his marshmallows. He holds them right in the flames. It is a little stressful, because the roasting stick is too long for him to be able to blow out the flaming marshmallow himself. So, whenever Nicholas starts roasting, someone has to be ready to start blowing.

If you blow the flames out before the marshmallow is completely black, back into the fire it goes.
Yum...blackened marshmallow smore!

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Rachael said...

Great pictures! I am not a huge fan of smores but I do enjoy the marshmallow burned a bit!