Friday, May 08, 2009

Joyful Noise

We have started practicing violin in the "studio"...which is an extra room in our house that was built onto the garage. You have to go through the garage to get into it from the house. It has it's own entrance from outside, though, so it makes a perfect place for Jackson to teach cello lessons and me to take portraits. Thomas has been practicing there for a few weeks, and it works out really well for a few reasons...1) there isn't the distraction of toys 2) it is a room we rarely go into otherwise 3) Estella and Nicholas are usually distracted by the new surroundings long enough for me to help Thomas with at least part of his practicing without interruption. When we went out a few days ago to practice, one of my backdrops was all set up from a photo shoot the day before. On a whim, I had Thomas do his practicing in front of the backdrop. It was so fun taking pictures of him playing the violin. I have LOTS to share...but here is one for now. I hope he retains his great attitude toward learning new things as he gets older.

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