Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monument Exploration

We went exploring on the Colorado National Monument about a week ago. I did more picture taking than exploring :)

"Jen, what is in that dark crack right behind you?"

"I think it's a..."



Essie had a blast playing in the bottom of a dried up creek bed. The sand was cool and soft.

"Look Daddy, I am filling my shoe with sand!"

"My shoe got full...the next best place was my mouth." YUCK!


the remkes family said...

you are always doing something fun with your kids, that is awesome! i would be fun to see you, maybe the park or something. 743-4841 call me

Unknown said...

I love the second picture where one of your boys is pointing up - so cool (sorry, couldn't tell which one!). Love your editing skills too..you are awesome!