Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Light

We had a great late spring downpour Sunday evening. The kids were irresistably drawn to it. As soon as it stopped I rushed out with the camera. The light was incredible. The colors were intense. I usually spend way too much time editing my pictures, trying to get the colors to look like this.
Creamy, even skin tones...vibrant colors. This picture, though, is happily photoshop free. I love good light.


Monica Hudson said...

Jen - thanks again for trading tonight! It was fun and I enjoyed walking in your photographic shadow for an evening. I would still love to get together one of these days and just pick your brain - I learn so much more from people rather than books ;-) and I would love to learn more from YOU! Oh - I also checked out that photo blog you were talking abou t and the Love Light sessions - WOW! I SO want to try that! It was way cool. I love a grainy look anyway! So...long post short, thanks again, for pics and ideas! xoxo

Laura said...

I can't believe how big she is getting-kids grow up way too fast!