Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Jackson and the kids were so wonderful to me on Mother's day. They let me sleep in, made me breakfast, let me take a nap, made me dinner, changed all the diapers, and everything they could think of to let me relax. It was so sweet. That evening after dinner, we went on a little walk. It was so fun! We found so many great places for taking pictures. Essie was still in her dress from church, so I tried a few of the locations on her. I think this was my favorite.

Thank you Jackson for making me feel so loved and appreciated!


Unknown said...

Im glad you had a great mothers day, you deserve it!! And that picture of Essie is so so Cute. I love it!
This is from Kara not Cody:)

Unknown said...

I love that pic of Essie! I also love that she's holding the lens cap in the first one - I have tons of pictures where Kels is holding the lens cap! I don't know why they love those things so much. Probably b/c mom pay so much attention to them and is always asking where it is!