Sunday, March 21, 2010

Self Control

This was inspiring for me, and I thought I would share it.

"We can only control one thing, our own thoughts and emotions. Trying to control anyone else will always be a power struggle. Heavenly Father didn’t make us parents to control other people into goodness and self-government. He made us parents to lead our children to goodness, and self-government. If we focus on controlling ourselves and having the spirit of calmness with us each day will be able to share the secrets of self control we learn with our children too so that they are not captive by the emotional control of others either. We want success for our children and success comes much easier to those who know they are responsible for controlling themselves."

I don't know who said this. My mom emailed it to me and said it was from a talk she read. I'll ask her which talk in case anyone wants to know.


the remkes family said...

that is very good. thank you for sharing:) oh and congrats on the baby, hope things are going good.

monkeystevens said...

Wow I really needed to read that. Thanks so much for posting it, and tell your mom thanks for sending it! :)
That is so funny about Thomas and Nicholas! haha! If I wasn't diabetic (and used to shots) I would totally have run away. Sounds like you have a future dr on your hands! (or at least a phlebotamist) :)

CJ said...

That really is a very profound thought. Something I needed to hear! It is way too easy to become frustrated with my children and I often find myself trying to 'force' my 3 year old to do what I say when I don't know what else to do. This makes a lot of sense though. Thanks for sharing!

Brya said...

Thanks for sharing that. It made me cry, I guess I needed to hear that. Hope all is well.