Friday, August 20, 2010

Bill Peet

We love Bill Peet! If we had to choose a favorite author as a family it would be Bill Peet, hands down. Every time we go to the library, we search the Bill Peet books for new finds and old favorites. I think we just might have read all that our library has in the children's section, because we aren't finding any new ones anymore. This past week when we went to the library, Nicholas was searching in the Juvenile section for Magic Tree House books for Thomas (he loves to find one that Thomas hasn't read...which is also a bit hard). As he was looking, he came across a new Bill Peet book! The Whingdingdilly. I'm not sure why it was in the Juvenile Fiction section instead of the children's section...maybe because it is a bit longer than most picture books. At any rate, we were all thrilled with Nicholas's find! That night as I was reading it to the kids, Jackson took some pictures.

Nicholas found the bracelet I am wearing in the pictures at a soccer game last year. He wanted to keep it, so we asked everyone around if it was theirs and no one claimed it, so I let him take it home. After a day or so, Nicholas approached me with a sweet look on his face. "Mommy, I want to give this to you." He really loved that bracelet, so it was a big sacrifice for him. I was flattered. I wore it for a few days straight. The first day I didn't wear it, Nicholas sadly asked why I wasn't wearing it. I explained that I still really loved it, but I don't wear the same things every day. He accepted that, but is always very happy when he sees that I have it on. He is such a giving and thoughtful boy.

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