Monday, February 07, 2011

It's snowing in the house!

I bought some softboxes (did I mention that already? feels like I did). Anyway, there were 15 light bulbs all packed in little styrofoam cases. They were all laying on the floor and I was literally walking to get a trash bag to put them in when I started hearing squeals of delight. When I saw how much fun they were having I decided to let them do it and just clean up the mess after. I needed to vacuum anyway and I figured it wouldn't be much more work than I was going to do already. Boy, was I wrong! Styrofoam is NOT easy to vacuum up! It is so staticy that it was clinging to our hair, the sides of all the furniture, our pants, and even the vacuum. We have a super powered vacuum and it still clogged it three times. Oh least we have the pictures to remember it by :)

P.S. Does anyone else have the same issue I do with extra spaces being added between the pictures? Each picture has progressively one more space than the one before.


Ashley Beth said...

Oh man, we've been there with the styrofoam stuff! I swear I was finding little styrofoam balls in odd places all over the house for weeks. Those kiddos of yours are such cute, sweet children. You are blessed.

Also, I sometimes have really weird issues with spacing between my pics and/or paragraphs on blogger. I'm not sure what causes it and sometimes I can't alter the HTML to get rid of 'em so I end up just leaving the extra spaces. It's so weird and I've no explanation but at least you know you aren't alone in the weird blogger-spacing issue. I've been doing some photo collages on and then just sticking the HTML code into my blog. I find that I have less issues when I add pics in that manner. So strange, huh?!

CJ said...

Yep, I had the same poor judgment about the ease of cleaning up packing popcorn as well. I let them go nuts with it once last summer, and it took DAYS to get that stuff cleaned up. Never again.:) But the pictures are fun!

Rachael said...

You are CRAZY to let them do that. Styrofoam is the WORST thing to clean up b/c it just sticks to everything! Was that IN your house? Brave woman!