Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Essie's First Violin Lesson

Estella has been begging and begging to start violin lessons. While I am practicing with the boys she is climbing all over me and is incredibly disruptive. I thought it might make my life easier if I started her. Grandma Chelle kindly accepted my request for lessons and Essie started about a month ago.

We are doing about 10 minutes lessons each week and 5-10 minutes practicing time each day. Essie is learning the parts of the violin, how to pick it up, how to handle it, how to hold the bow(the stick), how to bow (bend at the waist), and singing some fun songs. She brought her violin home a few weeks ago and didn't follow to rule to only get it out with Mommy's help. We decided it needed to stay at Grandma Chelle's house for a while until she was ready to remember the rules. She is looking forward to getting it back on Thursday at our lesson.

I had some leftover quilt blocks from a project I did for some young women years ago. Essie and I decided to turn them into a violin book bag for her. We both love how it turned out. I think it displays Estella's personality perfectly.

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