Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rain Storm

I have said this over and over. I am going to say it again. I love Grand Junction's summer rainstorms. One minute the skies are blue and clear, and the next minute you hear a clap of thunder, the skies open and send down warm summer rain. The rain usually doesn't last long...10 or 15 minutes is all, so the instant the kids notice it they run out to enjoy it. This was Alexander's first time in the rain and he LOVED it! We all loved experiencing it with him.

The boys all took their shirts off, so Essie took hers off too. At what age is it not okay to let them do that anymore?

Notice Estella's pants. The next time you see her, she will be wearing different ones. She is the queen of quick clothing changes!

All of my boys...I love my boys!!!

Essie was putting her head in the gutter to get her hair all wet and then shaking her head as fast as she could to spray whoever was close by.


Karin said...

Who needs a shirt when she's got a necklace on!

Jamie said...

I love the clothes change half way through the pictures:)