Monday, August 01, 2011

Groesbeck Fun in the Canyon

While in Fillmore we went up the canyon and had a barbeque. My mom and dad make the best dutch oven food ever! While Dad was cooking, Jake, Kaci, and the boys were fishing. One of the boys saw a snake in the water where they were playing. They called Uncle Jake over to see it and he recognized it as a baby diamond-back rattlesnake! He quickly killed it by chopping off it's head. We were very grateful that it didn't bite one of the boys. That would have been traumatic.

Aunt Kara brought the portable crib and set it up for Cooper to sleep in.

Aunt Kaci beat both Grandma and Aunt Kara arm wrestling. They were both close matches.

Later that evening, back at Grandma's house, Nicholas found some dress ups and decided to give them a go. I thought he looked smashing! He thought it was hilarious to be dressed up like that. I think these pictures just might come in handy some day :)

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