Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pinewood Derby - January 2012

Jackson and I were Cub Master and Committee Chair for a couple of years right after we moved here, so our boys got very familiar with Cub Scouts and especially the pinewood derby.  They have been looking forward to having their own cars to race for years.  Thomas was so excited when he got his car kit that he couldn't wait until Jackson had time to help him with it.  He designed it, cut some big chunks off, then called Bubba and asked him to help.  Bubba was so nice, came and picked him up from our house, took him to his shop, let him use his tools to make his car all fancy, and brought him home.  The next day Thomas found some spray paint in the garage and spent a few evenings getting it looking nice.  Then Thomas called Bubba again and he came over to help polish up the axles and put on the wheels.  Thomas is lucky to have such a nice grandpa!

On the big day, Thomas was so happy to win his first two races.  He lost the next two and was out of the running, but he dwelt on the excitement of his first two wins.

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