Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

The boys started school this year on July 23rd.  I wasn't sure I would like such a short summer, but honestly I was ready for them to start learning again.  I always have such big plans for the summer to have these great schedules and learning routines, but it just didn't work this summer.  The kids read fairly consistently, but we didn't do any math or spelling or art or science or history things like I wanted to.  I was relieved to have them back in a learning environment.  I also love that they have Fridays off.  Somehow it makes the week so much shorter to have that free day with the kids.  At our house Sundays are church days, and Saturdays are mostly work days, so it is so fun to have a play day every Friday with the kids.  
The other thing I love about their school is UNIFORMS!  I didn't have to do a single school shopping trip this year.  Their shoes from last year still fit.  Their shirts still fit.  Nicholas fits into Thomas's old pants/shorts.  I just ordered a few pairs of pants online for Thomas and that was it!  HOORAY!

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