Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moon Farm

Amber's family was in town for sweet Brynne's baptism.  She planned fun things to do and we were lucky enough to join in.  Friday morning we went to the Moon Farm.  We have lived here for over 5 years and had never been before.  It was so fun!  It is hard to explain exactly what the Moon Farm is.  It is a place where a family has built different play house buildings over time on their property.  There is a pyramid, a fort, a castle, a doll collection house, a horse drawn buggy building, small cabins with child sized beds and furniture, a tree house, a space shuttle, goes on and on.  There are also animals to pet and toys to play on.  All of the kids had a blast!  

One sad moment was when Alexander got stung by a wasp.  Poor little guy!  The owners were so thoughtful and brought out some paste made out of meat tenderizer to help it feel better. 

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