Monday, April 08, 2013

Digging Holes

Last summer was very hot and very dry here in Grand Junction.  Our house was vacant all last summer and the back yard didn't get watered at all.  When we moved in the grass was dead, dead, dead.  We thought we might be able to revive it, but it didn't work.  It is gone.  There is now just a big backyard full of dirt.  The  kids don't mind at all.  They actually love it.  They are completely happy playing in the dirt, digging holes, and throwing sticks.  After watching them happily play I had the thought that I could save some time and money by not worrying about planting grass.  Then, they came inside and brought lots and lots of dirt in with them.  I changed my mind fast.  I will be planting grass ASAP!  Until then...dig away my sweet children.  

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