Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sitting Up

Eleanor is officially sitting up now.  I still put a pillow right behind her so she doesn't hit her head too hard if she falls straight back.  She makes us all so happy.  We all want to hold her and play with her any chance we can.  Thomas loves to get her out of her crib when she wakes up from a nap.  As soon as someone hears her and says she is awake, he runs off to her room, uses a bobby pin to unlock her door (why I have to lock her door when she is napping is another story), and brings her out to me.  

Estella loves to pick out Eleanor's "outfits."  She goes through her drawer and lays out all her favorite things on the floor.  She holds up different shirts or skirts and says things like, "Oh, this is SO cute!" and "This is just adorable!" and makes little squeals of delight when she finds something she particularly likes.  When she is satisfied with the way she has matched things up, she folds each outfit (often including socks) into a nice pile and puts it on this little dresser.  Every morning when it is time to dress Eleanor, Estella enthusiastically picks out the outfit for the day.  It is great fun.  She is getting better and better at picking things that look nice together, so I am usually okay with her choices.

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