Thursday, April 11, 2013


My days are full of so many wonderful moments that I often let pass by unnoticed.  Last month (I'm a bit behind with my blogging), I grabbed the camera and captured all of this from my seat at the table.  Sweet, sweet Eleanor eating yogurt.  It was still very new to her.  She could hardly stay sitting up in the chair.

Out the window I could see Alexander and Thomas playing a game on the trampoline.

Estella decided she wanted to practice her violin, so she brought everything over to the table.

I just realized that Alexander is wearing a different shirt.  This couldn't have been the same day as he and Thomas playing on the trampoline.  That must have been another day that got mixed in with these pictures.  Oh well.  You get the point.  I do remember that this moment with Nicholas and Alexander was this day because Alexander dropped his bowl of apples on the dirt.  He gathered them all back in his bowl, came inside and asked, "Mommy wash apples in the sink?"  I did just that....rinsed the apples and the bowl and gave it back to him.  He was very happy and went back and rejoined Nicholas on the hammock.  He is so lucky to have such sweet big brothers.

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