Sunday, May 12, 2013

30 on the 30th

This year was my golden birthday...I turned 30 on the 30th.  It was wonderful!  Jackson and the kids spoiled me to bits.  A few days before my birthday Thomas and Nicholas asked me if they could ride their scooters down to the gas station.  They had ridden there several times with Jackson, so I decided that would be okay.  They went and came right back.  They kept their loot carefully hidden in their bags as they ran past and darted down the stairs to their room.  I thought they were just hiding their candy from the smaller kids.  I was a little confused when Nicholas kept coming upstairs looking for things...  "Thomas told me to get paper."  "Thomas told me to get tape."  "Now I need scissors."  ...but I didn't ask too many questions.  A few days later I found out that they had gone to the gas station to buy me candy for my birthday.  Then, in their room, they were making little origami boxes to hold the candy.  Thomas bought me 30 pieces of bubble gum.  Nicholas bought me 30 tootsie rolls.  I was very surprised and touched.  

On Saturday, while I was gone at a Relief Society meeting, Jackson and the kids put together a scavenger hunt for me.  It was so fun!  The kids were bursting with excitement when I got home and couldn't wait for me to read the first clue and get started.  There were presents and poems hidden with each clue.  They had all written me poems with 30 words...what treasures!    These photos are out of order, but you get the idea.  (Don't mind the crumbs on the table)

The final big present was a Bob Ross painting kit.  I have never painted anything in my life (besides solid colored walls in my house).  It was an exciting family event for me to paint this picture.  The kids were cheering me on.  They were certain that my painting was going to look just like Bob's.  I wasn't so certain.  They started to loose faith in me after my sky went on MUCH darker than his, and my white clouds just weren't sticking to the blue sky.  I was only on the second step when Nicholas started saying things like, "It's okay, can just scrape it off when you are done.  I'm sure it will be better next time you try."  Then Estella said, "It's okay, Mom, he says you can make happy little mistakes."  They started gaining confidence in me again when I finished the mountain.  It was taking too long, so after the first few trees I sent them all to bed.  Their excitement level was close to Christmas morning level the next morning when they saw the finished painting.  They think I am an artist now.  It is adorable and so so sweet.  Every friend that has come over since I finished gets escorted into my room to see the painting.  I see all sorts of flaws and mistakes.  They see something their mom created that they think is beautiful.  Life is so full and wonderful with children.  I am one lucky girl.

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So sweet, all of it!