Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Journal

For the past four years I have diligently printed out and organized our family pictures into leather bound albums (the kind you just slip the pictures into). I am nearly up to date on journaling in them also. I am almost finished filling up my last album, and I have decided to change our family journaling from that to blogging and printing one blog book a year. I think it will be more efficient time wise. I also think it'll be better because I will be doing it as things happen instead of trying to remember details when I print the pictures off months after they were taken.

That said, I want to record a few things we did this week even though they might be a bit boring for you to read.

  • Estella is getting very brave with walking. She took her first steps a month ago, and is now regularly standing up by herself in the middle of the floor and taking a few steps before falling on her bottom. If you lend her one of your fingers she is very steady and will walk fast with you. The most steps I have seen her take on her own is 5 in a row. At church today we sat next to a mom of five grown boys. After sacrament meeting she laughingly said, "WOW! She is a pistol!" I think she said it well.
  • Nicholas is growing so fast. He is only about 5 inches shorter and 4 pounds lighter than Thomas right now. Nicholas came to us with the talents of being thankful, polite, and considerate. He is as much of these things as a three year old can be. It warms my heart when he turns to me and says "Thank you, Mama." with complete sincerity. He is very fun to be around. He loves playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline, riding his trike, and reading stories. I have recently begun to notice that Nicholas tends to hide how he is feeling. I have realized that he often feels sad or insecure and I have to pay careful attention or I will miss understanding how he feels.
  • Thomas has suddenly turned from a little boy to a big boy. He has gained a lot of control over himself in the past few months. He is very inquisitive and is always full of good questions. He loves to learn about the world around him. He is taking gymnastics once a week with his buddy Mason, goes to preschool with Mrs Potter two mornings a week, and also takes violin lessons from his Grandma Chelle. He loves all of these activites, and seems happiest when he is learning. He has a very competitive nature and often says he wants to be the best or thinks he is the best at different things. He is learning to recognize when he feels the Holy Ghost.
  • Jackson, the boys, and I cleaned out the garden yesterday while Essie was taking a nap. We harvested hundreds of tomatoes this year! Even though we did that, I was still sad to see how many froze. I just hate to see them wasted. Next year I will be more careful about protecting them and picking everything before it turns too cold.
  • Jackson bought a pass to a new Gold's Gym that is very close to his office. The main reason he did was to swim in their pool, but he has really enjoyed lifing weights and using their cardio machines also. I am still walking, and have recently been jogging for exercise. It is hard to find time for excercise with three kids. Jackson has been going to the gym at 5:30, so he can be back by 7 or 7:30 to give me 30 minutes to exercise before he goes to work.

Now for a few pictures....Yesterday we went for a walk on the Monument with Julia (Jackson's sister) and her two boys Ethan and Aiden. Here are a few pictures from the beautiful morning.


Smitty n' Chelle said...

what a great idea!

CJ said...

I think I am going to go with blogging for our family journal too. I haven't printed a book yet but I know that others who have done it have loved it. Just waiting til it fits in the budget!

As usual, visiting your blog provides great eye candy! I love the gorgeous photos of your kids on the mountain. The picture of Estella with her daddy is especially sweet.

Unknown said...

These are GREAT pictures. I LOVE THEM! And I love the big format. You are awesome and I love the colors! What a great way to journal.