Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Weekend

Estella wiggles a lot a church, but probably even more in the bath. If you can imagine playing in the balls as a kid, that is what the bath is like for Essie. She wants to stand up more often than not lately. She often stands on her own without holding on to anything and has taken a few steps three or four times. As I watch her try to walk, she seems too small to be doing it. I remember watching Thomas learn to walk and thinking he was so is interesting how your perspective changes as you have more children.
Jackson took this picture of Estella and me in Sherwood Park. It was windy and warm all day, my sister-in-law said it reminded her of Winnie the Pooh and the blustery days. Then it got cold at our picnic and we had to play some soccer to get the blood flowing. Earlier Saturday morning, we went to Grandma Berry's (Jackson's dad's mom) assisted living apartment to visit. She amazes me. About 6 months ago (or less) she fell and broke her hip. As you can see she healed up and is getting around. She will be turning 90 this December if I remember right. Before we left she gave Nicholas a ride on her walker down the hall. He thought that was great!

It was a pleasant relaxing weekend!


Karin said...

Great journaling. And i love your picture of the Manti Temple!

the remkes family said...

hey jen,
this is marie.denelle(sorry if it is wrong)told me about your blog.i have been following it for a while now and enjoy seeing your family. i wish i would of seen you when you were in town. maybe next time. your pic are great. i also love to take pic's and hopefully will have a better camera soon. take care

mary said...

Jackson's grandma is beautiful! Your pictures of Essie made me laugh -- when David was a baby, he always tried to stand up in the bathtub, and Dave and I would quickly make him sit down for fear he would slip and crack his head open. Hyrum, on the other hand, has taken nearly all of his baths standing up since he was 8 months old... and it doesn't worry us at all. Like you said, your perspective changes!