Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More in the tree

I didn't want to leave Nicholas out of the tree climbing pictures. He wanted to climb up so bad. He tried and tried, with no sucess. I helped him up onto the lowest branch, and he was satisfied with that. Also, I am so happy with our cats. Last fall and winter, we had problems with mice in our house. In the past three days, I have seen the cats with mice they have caught three seperate times. Good job kitties!!!


the remkes family said...

hey jen,
he is so cute. for some reason he reminds me of your brother. must be a baby pic i seen of him when he was little or you know if their is anyother way of answering a comment other than back on your blog? i hope that made sence.anyways we just starting glazing the pottery. this is my least fav. part, just cause you never know for sure how they are going to turn out. well my hubby started taking the adult pottery class at the high school from mr. jolley, about 7 years ago. and i have tagged along here and their.i still can't through a very good pot,he actually dose the pots for me. cause he is so much faster. then i just put the cute stuff on. so anyways now we do it mostly in our shop out back.adam and his friend bought a kiln (second hand) and have built some kick and power wheels. so we kinda have our own set up now. we have alot of fun doing i was excited to see you taking pic's. i have always injoyed taking pic and aranging are good, keep it up. i think pictures are so important.when i read your blog i fill like we have alot in common, and it always brings back fond memories. anyways have a good that was long..

Rachael said...

That picture is hilarious with the cat just sitting on the bike! I love it!

CJ said...

The cat on the scooter is such a great picture! I can't put my finger on why, but it makes me happy for some reason. :)