Monday, October 13, 2008

Thomas?...THO-MAS?...Where are you?

"I'm up in the tree, Mom! Look how high I climbed!!"
"Can you see me, Mom?"
" do I get down from here?"
"I think I'm stuck."

"I know, I know...If I can get up, I can get down."
"Phew...I did it!!!"

He didn't really get stuck or scared...I made that up. The first few times he climbed a tree he did and those are things he would say. I just kept saying "If you can get up, you can get down." With some coaxing, he would slowly climb down on his own. Now (in this tree at least) he has no fear. This is the highest I have ever seen him climb. Nicholas wanted to climb up there with him so bad. He drove the trike over and tried to use it as a step stool, but he couldn't get it close enough to the tree for it to be of any use. I love crisp fall afternoons!


CJ said...

What a great little boy adventure!

Smitty n' Chelle said...

wow, I wish we had good trees here for Justice to learn how to climb them. Ours is a little tree that would probably break if he tried to climb it. boys are so much different than girls!

Jamie said...

Love the narration! I think I would freak out if Xander climbed a tree, I am so glad you are a relaxed Mom, I need to learn to be. I used to love climb trees too.

mary said...

I love them too! My little brother and I spent most of our childhood up in the tree in our front yard. So glad you've got a good climbing tree.