Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!

I LOVE FALL!!! Have I said that enough times already? The weather has been absolutely perfect. This afternoon the boys decided they wanted to rake a pile of leaves. They spent a good hour raking leaves, jumping in the pile, burying each other, having leaf fun fun! Here are a few pictures of their fun.

Notice she is standing solo...good job Essie!


CJ said...

I love fall so much. I'm kind of sad that it is coming to its end! We didn't even get any 'in the leaves' pictures this year. Maybe its not to late though.

I'm curious, in that last pic where the background is blurry but the foreground is clear-- did you blur that in a photo editing program, or is there a camera setting that actually does that?

Elisa said...

You're doing great with your photography! And that was a really neat family home evening lesson, we may have to try that.

Rachael said...

I wish we could have a fall like that! I miss the Colorado seasons!

berrymom said...


It is a camera setting..the aperture. An easy way to do it is to change your camera setting to aperture priority (usually an A or Av). You then have control over the aperture and your camera will choose the shutter speed it thinks will expose the picture correctly (let in enough light so the picture isn't too dark or too light).

Another way to do it is to choose manual setting (usually an M). Then you have control over both the aperture and the shutter speed. If you take pictures in this mode, you will have a lot of pictures that are too light (over exposed) and too dark (under exposed) until you get good at it. I am still not good at it.

Here is a GREAT (and humorous) description of how this works.

CJ said...

Thank you Jen! I am excited to check out this link.

Amy said...

I LOVE those pictures. Because of them I'm taking Kenzie out this week to take pictures of her in the leaves, althought I know my pics won't turn out as cute as yours. :) I can't believe how big Nicholas is getting! Your boys sound like they LOVE each other so much and how fun is it that they play so well together?

I also enjoyed Jackson's FHE lesson and I could totally picture the boys in their reactions. SO FUNNY! Thanks for sharing.

mary said...

Cute pics, Jen!