Friday, November 07, 2008

Assignment #2

I think I mentioned before that I am taking an online photography class from Sheye Rosemeyer (link to her blog on sidebar). It is a six week course and we have an assignment for each week. This past week we were supposed to take the same subject in the same pose with six different backgrounds/lighting situations. It is a bit challenging to get a 5 year old to do the same pose, but I think he was close enough. This was what I 'turned in.' I am learning a lot from this class and really enjoying it also.

Daddy and his sweet little girl. They have a great connection. Every time he walks in from work she gets so excited and says "Da Da Da Da" while flapping her arms. If he doesn't pick her up right away she starts to cry. She loves him!


Jamie said...

You have such beautiful children. That is great you are taking some classes, I can tell you are getting better and better, you amaze with your talent.

Rachael said...

Did you read Sheye Rosemeyer story? I bawled when I first read it about a year ago! It breaks my heart!
She takes amazing photographs! You are doing an amazing job yourself!

Kara and Cody Markham said...

those are soo cute of thomas!!! I like his little spikes in his hair:)

Edmund and Jazzy said...

That picture with Jackson looks great! I loved your tid bit about trying to get a five year old in the same position. I laughed when I looked at the pictures. They look gorgeous.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a tough assignment! I stretches you though, I guess. I love the one of Jackson and Essie. I love the angle/composition. Keep up the fantastic work!