Sunday, November 30, 2008

The "Hot Pots"

About ten miles from my home town there are some natural hot springs. The locals call them the "Hot Pots." While we were visiting we went out for a dip. It was COLD outside, but the water was PERFECT...warm enough to have steam rising off it. It is out in the middle of a field, so you really have to know where you are going, or you'll never find it. We had it all to ourselves for about an hour and then a few people came and joined us.

It isn't very deep right around the edge, but the rocks are slippery. Nicholas was afraid he was going to slip and fall down into the deep water. It took some major persuasion to get him to stay in with us. He relaxed a bit after a while.

My brother and Nicholas. The beer can wasn't ours...there were cans littered all over from some rowdy party. Jackson dove down to the bottom and cleaned them all out of the water. We hauled them out with us and threw them away. Nicholas and Thomas liked pouring water out of them and filling them back up again. Not the best toy, I know.

Handsome Jackson!

Thomas is was super brave and went ALL the way under the water for the first time ever!!! Good job Thomas!

Uncle Jake giving Thomas a ride around. That rope behind them goes over the deep part. It is fun to sit on the rope and look down into the deep dark hole the water comes out of.
Aunt Kara and Nicholas
Marisa (Jake's girlfriend) came with us, but she didn't have a swimsuit, so she just watched. When Nicholas wanted to get out, they snuggled together and told stories to each other. Nicholas loves her (we all do!).
Thomas under the water!

I have more pictures from Thanksgiving weekend, but I loved these pictures so much I had to post them first. We had a great only complaint is that it was too short.


Rachael said...

WOW-what a cool place and what amazing pictures!
The beer can pictures are hilarious! Maybe you could photoshop them to be Sprite!

julie said...

That looks like a neat place. The surrounding is beautiful.

The Harris's said...

Good old memories of Fillmore I wish I would have known you were in town so was I. I would have loved to see you.

lance said...

Testing. Testing. Hey, it works. I haven't left a comment on anyone's blog before. You are the first! Don't you feel special? I love your blog, and it is so good to hear about all you are up to. I can't believe you were home for Thanksgiving. I was there too. I wish I would have seen you, but it looks like you had fun. My brother and sister in law are both intrigued by the fact the Fillmore has hot pots, so I am going to be taking them the next time we are in Fillmore. You have a beautiful family and way to go with photography. Take care.

B.E.C.L Wall said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like a fun family outing!

the remkes family said...

i love the hot pots.usually they are pretty clean.u are doing great at taking pic's.

CJ said...

Ahhh...that looks SO relaxing! I want some of those in my backyard someday!