Monday, November 10, 2008


The boys LOVE to color and draw. Thomas's favorite thing to draw is race cars and rockets. For a long time now, that is the ONLY thing he would draw. He would fill up page after page of race cars with different patterns on the sides of them. The past few weeks he has been branching out a little bit. He started drawing monsters with big pointy teeth and lots of arms and legs. Sometimes he will draw a house with a sun above it. It is fun to watch how his drawings progress.

Nicholas does scribbles of many colors. He can also do a pretty good circle, but he prefers to scribble. Actually, he is more interested in making a big sword by hooking the markers together than he is in coloring. Here are a few pictures of our latest coloring session.


Rachael said...

I love watching kids color. Eli is an amazing colorer...he doesn't ever scribble and most of the time stays in the lines...he always has. I expect great things out of him! JK

awomynda said...

Hi Jen! Gorgeous pics, your children are adorable.

Just got your comment on my blog about the secret post (thank you!) but can't find your email address to send you a ticket! But then I guess you don't have mine either :)

Here it is:
It's 1am now Belgian time so will send it in the morning.
Enjoy your evening over there! Amanda

Karin said...

These are great shots- I can see them blown up on the walls of our playroom!