Thursday, February 05, 2009


These aren't my pictures...I got these off google images...I don't have the cord I need to get the pictures off my camera right now.

Jackson has been taking a class in Chicago this week, and the kids and I came along and have been doing a lot of sight seeing. Jackson's mom also came to explore with me. It has been SO FUN, as well as exhausting. We are still there and will be until late Saturday night. We have been to the Art Institute. The kids didn't last as long as we had hoped there, but we saw the best paintings before I had to take Nicholas and Estella back to the hotel for naps.
We spent a half day at the Field Museum of Natural History. This is THE BEST museum I have ever been to. We scratched some other plans so we can spend ALL DAY there tomorrow. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!
We also went to the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, and also a few classical concerts at the Cultural Center. It has been great. We have gotten really good at braving the cold and finding the right bus stops. Let me tell is COLD here! We have had great wheel kept falling off the stroller when we were carrying it up and down stairs. Once a wheel fell off as we were going up a curb and we couldn't get it back on. We carried the stroller onto the bus only to figure out that it was THE OTHER WHEEL...and it had COMPLETELY BROKEN. We had to go out that night and buy a new stroller, because it really isn't possible to get around on public transportation in downtown Chicago with three kids without a stroller.
For anyone who wants to vacation somewhere with lots of GREAT museums and cultural things to do...Chicago is great.


Monica Hudson said...

How fun!! I'm so glad you guys are having a great time - live it up and enjoy every minute! Bummer about the stroller (though it makes for fun adventurous stories to tell the kids later on), but fun that you got a new one! New toys, whether child or adult approved, are ALWAYS fun!! xoxo Safe trip back and hope to see you on Sunday if ya'll aren't too exhausted!!

April said...

Cool! Glad you guys got out to see some new sights! Maybe we'll go someday...

Unknown said...

That's cool that you got to go along with him! It's hard traveling with kids (i.e. seeing things you want to see vs. making the kids happy), at this point feel grateful for everything you do accomplish! That's great that your mom got to come along too! I thought Chicago was a cool city, but is it cold right now?