Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thursday-Museum of Science and Industry-Part 1

These pictures are taking me a long time to get through. I am falling farther and farther behind in my day to day blogging, so I have decided to do the last of our Chicago trip as quick as possible so I can get through it. I might go back later and fix a few things, but for now this will work.

I LOVED this museum. We walked in the minute they opened and stayed until it closed. We didn't see even close to everything they had there. The kids were interested the entire time. It was great.

This was a miniature Chicago with moving trains and a moving subway along with other things.
We saw a live flame demonstration. They talked about different flamable substances and tested a few of them for us.

Michelle climbing the "Wall of a sucessful business," or something like that.
One of the funnest exibits was the Coal Mine. I don't have many pictures, because it was so dark, but we decended into a "coal mine" (which felt incredibly real) and rode a coal train, saw and heard the old mining equipment compared to the new equipment, and learned about the dangers of mining and how they dealt with them then and now. This was very fun.

Cabaret mechanical theater displays. They explained both simple and more complex gear, lever, pulley systems. The kids loved them.
U-505 submarine exhibit. Michelle trying to stabalize the submarine at a specific depth...it was REALLY hard!
Thomas trying to control the submarine. He was really good at it.

This was a fun one. These little wormy things interacted with your shadow. If you made your shadow touch them or hit them they broke apart or moved where you pushed them.
One of the favorite exibits for the boys was the farm. There was so much to see and learn and do. This is Thomas driving the ?cultivator? and watching on a big screen if he is keeping it going straight.

Nicholas gearing up the cow to be milked.
Thomas working on the cow.


Monica Hudson said...

WOW!! We REALLY need something like that here in GJ!! That is so cool and educational and fun all at the same time. Great pics!

Walker paradise said...

Hi Jennifer, I don't think you know me, i don't recall meeting face to face but I am one of jackson's old friends Jolene, your boys are so cute and you are doing a great job with your pictures, estella looks just like michelle I think! Just thought I'd identify myself and spy on your blog! I gave Jackson an invite to ours, we have mutual friends, my brother and sister in law Ben and Dani slack so maybe we'll get to hang out some time!