Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuesday (Part 2) - Adler Planetarium

Tuesday afternoon...I think it was about 2:00, we were done with the Aquarium. The Adler Planetarium is literally right next door, so we walked over. The admission was free that day. My mother in law bought us all tickets to see a short movie about the sky starring Big Bird and Elmo. It was great! The kids loved it, and it was so nice to sit down for a while. The screen was a big dome and the chairs reclined, so you could look all the way around you. It was neat.

After the movie we entertained ourselves for a good while in front of these silly mirrors. I don't know what they have to do with the sky or space, but they were very entertaining.

Mommy and Thomas with super long legs.

Nicholas was just the right height for the mirror to do all sorts of hilarious things to his head. It started out stretching the bottom of his head.

Then the top of his head. That was funny enough...

... but when it started doing this to his face, I lost control. I still belly laugh every time I look at these pictures! I am thinking these will be good blackmail during the teenage years :)

I love that in this last picture, he has a look on his face that says, "I'm not sure if this is so funny anymore."

View of Lake Michigan out of the upper floor of the planetarium.

Estella pigging out on goldfish crackers. The cold air had given her a rash on her drool covered chin.

Doing puzzles of pictures of the surfaces of different planets.

Grandma Chelle and Essie watching air spurt out of different places in the sand...I'm not sure what we were supposed to learn from this display...I'm sure there was some scientific principal being taught.

Thomas watching the sand and air display.

"There goes our bus!" It was so cold that the thought of standing out at the bus stop waiting for any time at all was a scary thought. As we were walking out the door of the Planetarium, we saw our bus coming down the road. I turned to Michelle and said, "I'll run with Thomas so he doesn't leave us." Thomas and I made it, and I looked back to see how close Michelle and Nicholas in the stroller were. They were pretty close, but they were stopped and Michelle was holding one of the front wheels of the stroller in her hand. This wasn't too alarming, because I knew that one of the wheels slips off if you lift it off the ground and shake the stroller because the snapping mechanism was broken (this is a stroller I bought before Thomas was born). I left Thomas and ran back to help slip the wheel back on. just wouldn't slip I lifted the front of the stroller and Michelle lifted the back and we shuffled quickly onto the bus. Once we were settled, I tried and tried to get the wheel back on. After a while I realized that it was the OTHER WHEEL and it was beyond repair. It was quite an exciting journey back to the hotel once we exited the bus. Jackson went out late that night and bought a new stroller.


julie said...

cute pics, looks like fun :0)

Monica Hudson said...

Looks like so much fun - and very tiring (love that last pic!)!

idahomayos said...

Too much fun! The last picture says it all! What fun memories. Thanks for we'll know what to see if we ever make it to the big city of Chicago!