Saturday, July 24, 2010


I can't even begin to express my awe and love for this little girl. She is one of the most precious things in the universe. She is so full of life, love, intelligence, humor, interest, genuine concern for others, helpfulness, beauty, and unique personality. Her qualities blend so well with Thomas and Nicholas's individual qualities. I love the age she is at, because you begin to see those unique traits emerge so strong. Here are a few (a lot) of different expressions I want to remember.

P.S. I printed a blog book about a month ago and absolutely love it. Because I liked it so much, I decided to put all of the pictures I want to print on the blog, so I can do a book each year. Hence the volume of pictures lately. I'm sure a lot of them look the same to most of you, but they are all endearing to me and have little things in them that I want to remember.

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Karin said...

what a sweetheart! And I'm impressed with the fancy braid job:)