Saturday, July 17, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa G

Jamie and I decided we needed to have a "girls weekend." Because I can't travel, and because GJ is halfway between where mom lives and where Kara lives, we decided to do it here. We got a hotel for one night and did a lot of shopping, eating, and relaxing. It was fabulous.

My dad came too, and we made sure to save some time to play all together. Saturday night we went to the pool and had such a great time!

Aunt Jamie and Essie

Grandpa and Nicholas

Thomas demonstrating his front crawl skills.

Grandma soaking up the sun
Nicholas loves the more shallow pool and happily bops around in it the entire time.
With a bit of encouragement, he put his face in the water.
Aunt Kara cheering him on.
We got a family pass that included admission to the slide for 5 people. It is a VERY tall, long slide. Nicholas was just barely tall enough to ride on it. I wasn't so sure about encouraging him to do it for a few reasons...1- he would have to go down all alone and 2- he would go completely under the water at the end (which he really doesn't feel comfortable doing yet). When everyone started up the stairs, though, he wanted to go too, so I didn't say anything. The lifeguard at the top gave a little whistle to the lifeguard at the bottom as Nicholas started down, and I was happy because the lifeguard stood in front of the bottom like he was going to catch him.
As soon as he saw Nicholas coming, though, he stepped out of the way and Nicholas sailed out all on his own. This picture shows you how he felt.
Jackson quickly jumped in, grabbed him, and we started cheering and high fiving Nicholas. That was enough distraction to prevent tears. He even went one more time, but that was enough. Good job Nicholas!
Thomas went down over and over and over. He loved it. Whenever we go to the pool, no matter how hot it is outside, he ends up spending just as much time warming up on the cement as he does in the water. He gets cold in the water so easily.
Jamie and Essie
Essie likes the warm cement as well.

Grandpa coming out of the water slide.
Mommy and Nicholas

Jackson and Grandpa took Thomas and Essie to the deep end to jump off the diving board.
Jackson sent Essie out to the end of the board and Grandpa tread water just underneath to catch her. When she got out to the end, though, she froze and couldn't make herself jump. She really wanted to do it, though, so Jackson broke the rules and walked out there with her and helped her jump off. She didn't like it enough to want to do it again, but she seemed proud of herself for doing it once.

Thomas jumped over and over. He is really enjoying the water more and more as he gets older.

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