Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sending off the Spanish Armada

I gave Jackson "The Dangerous Book for Boys" for father's day this year. It is full of fun things for boys (and moms...I like them too) to learn. Jackson has had fun doing some of the things with Thomas and Nicholas. One thing they did was learn how to make paper boats. Thomas LOVED making paper boats. In one day he made over 50 boats out of scratch paper and newspaper. It happened to be a Monday, so we decided to walk to the irrigation canal and send them off. Jackson never misses an opportunity to teach the kids something, so he told them all about the Spanish Armada, and we pretended we were sending it off. Is putting 50 boats into the canal littering? I felt a little guilty about it, but we did it anyway.

We sent them off 5 or 6 at a time and ran (I sat) to see if any of them made it around the fast flowing, treacherous bend. Most capsized on that part, but it was really exciting when one made it.

It was really stressful for me to have the kids that close to the canal. It holds SO much water and flows really fast. Grown people drown in it every year. We had strict rules for the kids to either stay back 3 feet or hold a parent's hand. It does give me comfort that Jackson is a good swimmer. I would drown for sure.

Thanks Thomas for the fun FHE activity!

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Monica Hudson said...

Someday when I grow up I want to be a cool parent like you guys! lol How fun!!