Monday, July 05, 2010

The Squeezing Begins

Why, oh why, my uterus, do you like to squeeze so? Why can't you just relax and let me not worry about you squeezing this baby right out of me? This little one isn't ready yet to take on this world...just let him stay where he is and grow in a safe place.

I was hoping this wouldn't happen this time. I had high hopes that travelling was the only trigger for my early labor last time and I could avoid it by staying here for 9 months. My hopes have been dashed. I have been having bouts of regular contractions for about two weeks now. They come when I have been active or when I am fatigued. Sometimes they are every 10 minutes. A few times they have been every 3 minutes. Each time I realize they are coming regular and strong, I grab a huge glass of water and lay down to time them. They have slowed and become irregular within an hour of laying down each time, for which I am very grateful.

One morning after some evening contracting, I felt more pressure than normal when I would stand up. I got scared and decided I wanted to be checked by the doctor. Everything was fine. My cervix was still thick and closed. That was so relieving!!!

One evening, the elders were here for dinner and I was having regular contractions. I asked them to help Jackson give me a blessing. I felt very calmed and reassured that I would be able to understand my body's signals and know what I needed to do. If I didn't have any other children, I think I would do bedrest to be safe, but I DO have other children who need me and need at least some sense of normalcy in their lives. I am taking things very slow and easy, but I am not laying down ALL of the time. Through trial and error I am figuring out my limits and boundaries. I have put tall stools in places where I generally stand to do certain chores....folding laundry, making meals, ect. It really helps if I just sit to do these things. I could go on and on about the things I have changed, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is that I know Heavenly Father is aware of my specific situation, and He cares about me personally, about this little baby, and about my other children. If I stay humble and open to His direction, He will help me through this in the best way possible. (I say this because I need to hear it and remember it...not as a sermon to anyone.)

Here's to keeping this baby inside for the next 10 weeks (well...7 weeks at least)!

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mary said...

Oh darn it, this would be easier I think if it weren't beautiful SUMMER outside! And, like you said, if you didn't have three other kids who require your attention. It appears that this baby boy is as excited to meet his family as his family is to meet him! Good luck taking it easy. Enjoy some good movies and good resting!