Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Denver Trip - Hotel and 16th Street

Our hotel was right on 16th Street which is a fun street in Denver that is blocked to all traffic except a free bus system, bike-pulled-carts, and horse-drawn buggies. The night after we went to the museum we went out for a stroll (and bus ride) along the street.

The kids spotted a chess match in progress and wanted to watch for a while. As we walked up, the game had finished which left an empty seat. Ethan slid right into the empty seat without even blinking an eye. The man sitting across from him laughed, shrugged, and proceeded to set up the pieces. Ethan put up a good fight and then lost. Thomas really REALLY wanted us to stay longer so he could play, but we decided we needed to move on.

Every few blocks there was a piano sitting on the side of the road. Each one was painted differently. The kids enjoyed pounding on them as we walked by.

After our stroll and some ice cream, we hung out in the hotel basement playing games. Jackson was trying to take pictures of me and I was halfheartedly resisting :)

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