Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We were in Fillmore for the 4th of July weekend. EVERYONE was there. It was so much fun! We didn't do anything super special and we had a fabulous time doing it!

Uncle Jake and Thomas played several games of chess. Uncle Jake is super competitive and was concentrating VERY hard to be sure not to lose to his 7 year old nephew :)

We set off fireworks in the yard on Saturday night instead of Monday the 4th because we had to leave Monday afternoon. The neighbor kids joined us for the fireworks.

This was the first 4th of July parade we have been to that my kids were old enough to enjoy. They were ecstatic to have candy thrown their way! Thomas and Nicholas used some hats to collect candy and Essie used her dress.

After the parade we spend about an hour sitting on a blanket in the park chatting with people as they walked by.

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