Saturday, July 23, 2011

Denver Trip - Museum of Nature and Science - Pirates, Mummies, Animals, Sculptures

The next day we went to The Museum of Nature and Science. We brought food and planned on staying all day. We were glad we did. It was full of great exhibits that kept the kids and adults interested all day.

ANIMALS- These were some of my favorite exhibits. I loved how they created lifelike scenes. I would start out thinking that there were only one or two animals in the scene. Then, as I looked closer and spent more time looking around carefully, more and more animals would 'appear.'

REAL PIRATES- This was the voted favorite exhibit. It is a traveling exhibit and just happened to be in Denver while we were there. We paid extra to go in and it was worth every penny. Pictures weren't allowed inside the exhibit (It was really hard for me to restrain myself!). We got to touch some of the actual treasure that was recovered from off the bottom of the ocean.

The story goes like this (as far as I can remember). There was a young man named Sam Bellamy who was in love with a beautiful girl. She returned his love and they wanted to be married. Her father wouldn't allow his daughter to marry a poor man, so Sam was compelled to seek a fortune. He decided to do it the fastest way possible at that time...through piracy. He was a very successful pirate and was on his way home in a stolen ship called the Whydah with treasure stolen from over 50 different ships (if I remember correctly). There was a terrible storm and within days of home the ship went down. Captain Bellamy died along with most of the crew. We loved this exhibit!

GEM SCULPTURES- These were miniature sculptures made out of precious gems. They all depicted life in Russia.

Jackson actually did this on his mission. It was some type of bath house where everyone went. Among other things, you went into a steamy room, laid naked on a wooden table and someone slapped your entire back side with sticks. It was supposed to make your pores open up or something. He said that everyone got really hot in the steam room and then went outside and jumped into the snow before running back inside again.

MUMMIES- We love learning about mummies. This one interesting because when it was found, there was the body of a rich woman inside the casket of a poor man. Why?...they don't know exactly.


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monkeystevens said...

Holy Crap!!! That is SOOOO awesome! So, all of those things (and I mean all of them) are my dad's and I's very favorite things and I HAVE to go see them sometime! They are in Denver?