Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suzuki Camp

Back in June, Jackson went to Suzuki camp to become certified to teach Books 2 and 3. He came back full of ideas, feeling confident and prepared to take his students through those books.

Thomas got to go as a student of violin. Grandma Chelle generously and happily went with him as his chaperone. She went with him to classes, took notes, and practiced with him in the evenings. She sincerely enjoyed it. Thomas doesn't realize how lucky he is to have had an entire week by himself with his grandma and his dad.

Thomas came back from camp completely in love with the violin. Now, after an hour of practicing, I say that we are finished and he says, "Really? That's all?" and then he plays fiddle tunes he learned at camp for a while longer.

One of the nights the kids and I were there we went swimming in the hotel pool.

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Heart Mommy said...

Did I ever tell you I LOVED the neck cheese picture? Well, I do! Did I tell ever tell you that I am pretty darn amazed that your children are incredibly talented? Ummm I am pretty sure it is because they have an incredible set of folks! AND! if you are in town don't forget you always have a place to stay/visit.... I know friends are awesome too, next time????