Monday, May 21, 2012

Bedtime Songs

Alexander LOVES music.  I know most children really like music.  All of my children have enjoyed it.  Alexander takes it to a whole new level.  There are lots of stories about this, but for now I'll just record his bedtime ritual.  We always read to our kids before bed.  Different children have gotten attached to different books through the years.  Once they are attached to a book, that is the one that gets read EVERY NIGHT for what seems like forever!  Alexander has always picked books that have some kind of music in the book.  One of these books is Dr. Seuss's ABC's book.  I sing the alphabet song (or portions of it) several times through the book and he loves it when I do.  His VERY favorite page, however, is the V page where Vera Violet Vinn is playing very very VERY awful on her violin (I didn't have to look at the book to remember that by the way).  :)  When we get to that page he just about jumps off my lap with excitement and exclaims, "Bow!  Bow!  Bow bow!"  while pointing at her bow.  Then he sings a little "Wah, wah, wah" song while waving his arm back and forth as if he is moving the bow.

The book that MUST be read (or in this case sung) every night and naptime right now is Wee Sing Silly Songs.  He grabs it and sings, "Wah, wah,"  so the whole family now calls it the Wah Wah book.  I have most all of the songs in that book memorized now.  I think his favorite song is the "No, no, no...Yes, yes yes."  He thinks it is so funny!  I sing it and he just giggles the whole time.  It is so fun!  When Daddy sings the songs, he does it so enthusiastically that he usually draws a crowd :)  


Jamie said...

I love his toes poking out of his pajamas:) He is such a sweet boy!

monkeystevens said...

hahahahaha!!! I love that! I love that so much! That is the cutest thing in the whole world :)