Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fishing With Bubba

Some time ago Grandpa Groesbeck (my dad) asked Nicholas what Bubba (Jackson's dad) does for work.   Nicholas didn't even hesitate and said, "He's a fisherman!"  

Bubba does love to fish and goes whenever he can.  He is awesome and takes different grandchildren with him from time to time.  A few weeks ago he took Thomas and they came home with this...

 Thomas caught a 22 inch fish!  Both he and Bubba were thrilled.  We prepared it, froze it, then cooked it for dinner a few days later.  It was delicious!

A couple of weeks after Thomas went, Bubba took Nicholas and Estella fishing.  I thought Nicholas might end up being disappointed because he was expecting to catch a big one like Thomas did.  I was so happy to see them come home with this 21 incher! 

Nicholas kept talking about how hard it was to reel in.  He was rubbing his wrist, saying how sore it was for days.  He said the pole was bending so much he thought it was going to break.  His favorite thing to tell people about the fish is, "It was a real whopper!" 

It is a good thing we love to eat fish around here, because we have a whopper in the freezer. 

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Karin said...

Awesome fish stories! We are just learning the art and love of fishing, too. What fun to get to go with a Grandpa! Memories in the making, I am sure.