Sunday, June 03, 2012


 Alexander is at the climbing stage!  I feel like I am constantly pulling him off of tables, chairs, and counters.  One unfortunate thing about his climbing is that he has now gotten tall enough to open the cabinets you see behind him in the first pictures.  These cabinets hold pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors, tape...all very fun ways for Alexander to make messes and destroy things.  Essie has FINALLY stopped drawing on forbidden only makes sense that Alexander should take up where she left off.  I have been scrubbing walls and furniture much more than I would like.  Whenever he has a drawing instrument in his little hands and he sees me he says, "Paper...paper!" and looks for a piece.  As soon as I take my eyes off him, he is drawing on the table or chair or himself or anything that isn't paper.  Then as soon as he sees that I am looking at him, he will innocently say, "Paper...paper!" again.  It is a pain...but MAN he is adorable!

Essie picked some flowers for me and set them on the table.  Of course as soon as the attention was away from the table, Alexander was right up there taking a look for himself.  Also...these pictures remind me...he has been taking his diaper off also.  He strips his pants, then his diaper and makes fun messes on the floor.  I put him in one-piece clothing for a while and that seems to have stopped it (for now anyway).  And yes...his toes are painted.  Essie and I were doing ours and he was asking so sweetly I just couldn't resist.  We picked out a nice manly blue for him :)  He was so proud of his blue toes!

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