Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family T-Ball

 About a month ago, we all ended up in the front yard playing t-ball on a beautiful evening.  I have been horrible about taking pictures of anything lately, but this particular time I forced myself to run inside and grab the camera.  I'm glad I did.  

Before the kids bat, they do a slow full turn holding their bat out as far as it will go.  Jackson taught them to do this.  They do it to make sure there is no one in their 'blood circle.'  It is actually very effective at getting the observers a safe distance away.

Alexander was enthralled with the bat.  He insisted on holding it backwards no matter how many times we showed him to turn it around.  It was adorable.  I love the next sequence of Jackson helping him hit the ball!

Thomas and Nicholas are constantly climbing in this tree...Thomas especially.  Estella always wants help getting up in the tree.  I have stopped helping her up, but she convinced Daddy to help her this time.  You can see why I don't put her up anymore...she gets scared and pouty the minute she is off the ground and I have to haul her back down. 

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monkeystevens said...

Your pictures are so so beautiful! I love all the fun family time you guys have together. And the place mat is wonderful. What a really great idea. And sooner than you know this pregnancy will be behind you and your fam will remember napping is not your favorite thing:)