Monday, October 29, 2012

Natural Model

I get stir crazy when I am in the house a lot, so every once in a while I will call Jackson at work and say, "Let's have dinner up on the Monument tonight."  He always thinks that is a great idea.  After dinner we hike around a little bit.  The kids love climbing on the rocks.  I love breathing deep breaths of fresh air and listening to the quiet.  Estella loves having her picture taken and if I have my camera she always asks me to take her picture.  I had to chuckle this time because I realized what a natural model she is.  I tell her where to stand and that is all.  She turns and smiles at me...I take a few clicks and then she shifts to a new position...a few more clicks and she shifts again.  It is so natural to her.  


Jamie said...

She really is! I love these pictures & really wish I could have picnics at the monument with you every day. It sounds perfectly relaxing.

karinhawkes said...

Quite the STYLISH model, too! So cute:)

Elisa said...

So cute! She reminds me of our Annabelle. I think they're about the same age. And Annabelle has those same exact shoes! too cute!