Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sleeping Eleanor

This little girl is strong!  She reminds me of Thomas as a baby.  She is so strong she started breaking out of the swaddle at 3 days old!   After lots of experimenting with different things I discovered that she sleeps best when she is swaddled in a special velcro swaddling blanket, sitting in her car seat, with the straps done tight over her arms.  If I put her in her crib she brings her feet up and rolls from side to side and never settles down.  I have never had a newborn do that before.  If I don't strap her into the car seat, she sqirms around so much she wriggles down and almost falls out of the seat.  She also somehow pulls her arms up so that the blanket bunches up around her chest and her arms are basically free.  She is a little Houdini!  This method is working for now, though. 

Here are a few pictures of her at about 4 weeks old.  I was trying to get her to wake up to eat, so I had undone her straps.

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